Eckart Witzigmann appoints jury for the ECKART 2014

Munich. The ECKART has become a firm fixture among culinary awards and is one of few honours whose impact extends beyond the industry itself. Eckart Witzigmann has appointed the following persons to the jury that will award the eponymous ECKART 2014:

Alex Atala,
winner of the ECKART 2013 for Creative Responsibility and Enjoyment, Sao Paulo

Dr. Friedrich Eichiner,
Member of the BMW AG Board of Management, Finance, Munich

Fritz Eichbauer,
businessman, founder and owner of Tantris restaurant, Munich

Otto Geisel,
Witzigmann Academy, initiator of the award, Munich

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BMW Group marks its third year with ECKART +++ Presentation of the ECKART 2014 at the BMW Museum +++ Consolidation of know-how transfer in 2014

Munich. The BMW Group and the International Eckart Witzigmann Prize are pursuing their joint venture for the third consecutive year. October will see the presentation of the ECKART 2014 in the three categories Art of Cookery, Innovation and Culture of Living. In addition, the award for Creative Responsibility and Enjoyment – launched last year – will be presented for the second time.

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