ECKART 2018 to be presented in New York

Cash award for social and sustainable projectsDr. Peter: “We are serious about the ECKART.”

Munich. The international Eckart Witzigmann Award (ECKART) continues its journey around the world: In 2018, the renowned award for fine cuisine, the art of cookery and conscious enjoyment – named after “chef of the century” Eckart Witzigmann – will be presented in New York. In their sixth year of cooperation, the BMW Group and the Eckart Academy are continuing with further internationalisation of the award – this year paying tribute to outstanding services to ground-breaking gastronomy and nutrition on the American Continent.

“Our partnership with the Eckart Academy is based on the joint aim of creating an international platform for healthy eating, sustainable cuisine and responsible use of resources. We have looked at a lot of ambitious projects like this in the Americanrestaurant scene for the ECKART 2018,” said Dr. Nicolas Peter, member of the Board ofManagement of BMW AG, responsible for Finance and patron of the ECKART. “We seethe ECKART as a way of taking social responsibility and achieving a lasting impact throughour involvement.”

This mission is reflected not least in the endowment established in 2017 for each of the award categories. All four award-winners in the categories “Art of Cookery”, “Innovation”, “Creative Responsibility” and “Art of Living”, in addition to one previous winner, propose a social or sustainable project of their choice to receive an endowment of € 50,000 from the BMW Group. The choice of projects is evaluated and approved by the ECKART jury and the BMW Group. The total endowment of €250,000 reflects the prestige and importanceof the ECKART as a top international culinary award.

“We don’t just want to recognise our award-winners one time: We are ensuring that their outstanding ideas and commitment can be realised over many years,” explained Dr. Peter.“We are serious about the ECKART.”

“We have to do something,” added “chef of the century” Eckart Witzigmann. “I have always criticised that there is too much talk and not enough action. With the endowment from the BMW Group, we are able to support people and their ideas and ensure that things really change.”

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Members of the jury committee include Eckart Witzigmann; Otto Geisel, head of the Eckart Academy; Dr. Nicolas Peter, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance; Dr. Friedrich Eichiner, former BMW Board of Management member and honorary member of the ECKART jury; as well as numerous restaurateurs and chefs from the ECKART network, including Uta Schlagenhauf and Hermann Bareiss of Hotel Bareiss, three-star chef Alain Ducasse and his sous-chef Matthias Hahn.

Dr. Nicolas Peter at the ECKART 2017 award ceremony in Versailles: