Edit”From theory to practice – Witzigmann Symposium 2016 BMW Group and Witzigmann Academy step up their commitment to sustainable company catering”

The BMW Group and the Witzigmann Academy are continuing their cooperation
to promote sustainability and social responsibility in the culinary arts and nutrition. The two partners have explored current developments and various aspects of fine dining at a number of symposiums and field trips since 2012, with intensive discussions of its
significance for everyday nutrition and company catering. At the Witzigmann Symposium on 28 June 2016 at the BMW Museum in Munich, experts will discuss what has already been achieved at the BMW Group, as well as the challenges of sustainable nutrition for everyone in the chain, from the producer to the consumer.

22. Juni 2016
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Food is the new Facebook. Symposium in Munich hosted by the Witzigmann Academy in partnership with the BMW Group

Munich. 8. August 2014. The Witzigmann Academy symposium “Good, healthy, responsible cuisine of tomorrow – realistic goal or illusion?” was held at BMW Welt in July. Eckart Witzigmann and Dr Friedrich Eichiner, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management, Finance, and patron of the partnership with Witzigmann, had invited chefs, researchers and entrepreneurs from the field of gastronomy to discuss the future of food.

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Good healthy and responsible cuisine of tomorrow realistic goal or illusion

Symposium hostet by Witzigmann Academy in partnership with the BMW Group

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