Myrtha Zierock reinvents agriculture with her start-up in the vineyard

The basis for good food is good products. Growing these in South Tyrol comes up against natural limits due to the regional conditions. Myrtha Zierock makes a virtue out of the misery of the rare terrain. Like Norbert Niederkofler, she receives the decisive impulse for this from afar. During her studies in Canada, she learns that the vegetation and growth phases there are very short and must be used to the maximum.

Back in South Tyrol, she begins to use the narrow areas between the vines and grows salad and vegetables there. This proves to be costly and time-intensive, but yields products of first-class quality. To market her produce, she sets up a farm market and sells her produce directly to numerous chefs. In dialogue with customers, she improves and refines her range of products, which includes chard, Asian salads, carrots, tomatoes, fennel, zucchinis and herbs. 

After a short time the demand increases. Since the capacities are limited, Myrtha Zierock takes a new way also here. Instead of adopting the conventional mechanisms and delivering the goods over long distances, she exports the method and encourages interested parties in other regions to adapt their experience.

“Myrtha Zierock”, as the jury justified the awarding of the prize, ” She is the impulse generator of a new, sustainable agriculture with her start-up in the vineyard,”. Her concept is forward-looking: she consistently focuses on quality, modernizes traditional methods and experiences and initiates the network of sustainable agriculture through her export.

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photocredit @ Alex Moling

Norbert Niederkofler turns „Alpine cuisine“ to a trademark. Niederkofler, born on 16 September 1961 in Luttach in South Tyrol, turns „Alpine cuisine“ to a trademark. After his education in South Tyrol, he gained experience at Alfons Schuhbeck in Waging am See, at Jörg Müller on Sylt, at Eckart Witzigmann in Munich, at David Bouley in London and at several other stations.

During this time he not only expanded his craftsmanship, but became more and more aware of the qualities of his homeland. He return back to South Tyrol, where he opens the restaurant “St. Hubertus” in 1994. There he develops a style which he calls “Alpine cuisine”. The chef follows the “rhythm of nature” and develops his dishes “always around the product”. The result is a modern cuisine at the highest level, rooted in the region. In 2001 he received the first Michelin star for this, in 2006 the second and in 2017 – as the only restaurant in South Tyrol – the third Michelin star. Consistently regional and fully utilised products of the highest quality form the basis of his culinary art. Sustainable cultivation, its social consequences and respect for products and producers are important to him. “Norbert Niederkofler,” said the jury in its statement, “stands for the most modern and currently most innovative regional cuisine.

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Press information August 4th 2020 ECKART 2020

Munich. In times when almost all events are being cancelled, the ECKART Academy acts against this trend. The ECKART 2020 and the connected culinary symposium take place. On September 6th 2020, this year’s awards will be conferred in the location of the NOI Techpark in Bolzano. On September 7th 2020, the open format, which was already tested in Vienna last year, will take place.

A special concept

Thus, the ECKART 2020 is a special event with a new concept: Eckart Witzigmann: “We focus on what we missed most during the last months: personal encounter. Not as close as we would like to, but maybe even warmer. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment of the autonomous region of South Tyrol, first and foremost governor Arno Kompatscher, the event can take place. Agriculture, culinary experiences and tourism are the basis of South Tyrol’s existence. Ranging from haute cuisine to the traditional art of cooking, South Tyrol’s gastronomy unites Alpine and Mediterranean elements that make it so unique, whilst honoring the high quality of its regional products. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic massive drops in all areas were the result. Therefore, with this event the autonomous region of South Tyrol wants to set a signal, which marks the start of a new beginning and shows its direction by giving prominence to craftsmanship, highest quality, and sustainability. 

An innovative location

This year’s location stands for that, too. Instead of choosing a rather historical location like the Versailles castle and Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna or the Spring Studios in New York, the ECKART 2020 will take place in the NOI Techpark in Bolzano. It is one of the most innovative techparks in Italy. NOI – an acronym for Nature of Innovation – stands for the combination of technological knowledge transfer, as well as the linking of entrepreneurship, research and science. Besides that, the close collaboration with the local food industry with a focus on sustainability and quality is essential. Eckart Witzigmann: “Without the outstanding commitment of the autonomous region of South Tyrol and the NOI we would not have been able to manage this act of strength. I sincerely want to thank both for supporting us.” 

A glamorous Award Ceremony 

This year on September 6th six awards will be conferred. 


Further there is a special award, which is dedicated to culinary sustainability and endowed with 50.000 €. In addition to this extraordinary year, the PRIX d’ECEPTION, which was only awarded once to HRH Prince Charles of Wales will be conferred. All awardees are informed and will attend the ECKART. They will be publicly presented within the coming days.